Filippo Tiziano Davide Omar

Umbra Noctis play black metal since the end of 2004, on date 21 september 2006 their first mini cd "Luce oltre il confine" was released limited to 525 copies. After several live performances, on may 2009 their second ep "il richiamo del vento" was out. On spring 2009 Umbra Noctis record three unrealized tracks for the split cd with Gort (out since april 2010) and their first full lenght album. THE FIRST FULL LENGHT TITLED "IL PRIMO VOLO" IS NOW AVAILABLE.

On summer 2013 Umbra Noctis engage a new member, Lorenzo, as second guitar player and, on spring 2014, they play live with the new guy. Now the band is working to the songs of the second full lenght and is searching for a label.